Why Body Gels

Body Gels are nutrient Rich, quickly adds moisture to repair the skin cells, enhance the resistance to the outside world, anti allergy, so that the skin is Aqua embellished and smooth. With a soothing, moisturizing balanced.

Ning God, soothing, nourishing the role of skin, a variety of problems have a curative effect, its nature is very mild, suitable for all skin types.

Body Gels are effective,and strong, their penetrability, can promote cell regeneration, balance grease, stretch wrinkles, improve black rim of the eye, micro vascular contraction.

Reduced because of blood expansion leads to cheek erythema, effectivetly improves the red blood, so that the skin can maintain a lasting soft lubrication.

Red skin can be quickly restored after the sun, prevents pigment precipitation and pruritic effect of dry, peeling, itching of the skin.

Suitable for all skin, especially sensitive skin.

Body Gels

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