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Our face is usually the first thing people notice about us, smooth skin and sparkly eys speak volumes about our health and beauty.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to hide the status of our skin or our natural beauty by plastering on lots of make-up.

Not only is this make-up itself usually toxic to the skin, but it covers our natural looks.

On top of all of that, the chances are we started the day by washing then moisturising with a vatiety of toxic skin-pollutants.

It’s time to really feed our faces with gorgeous hand-made potions filled with delightful nature-given ingredients that will nourish our skin and make our faces truly healthy and glowing.

Fairy face Scrub

Shelf Life: 2 Months -Skin types : All

A sweetly scented and gently exfoilating cleanser, which is great for all Skin types but particularly soothing to sensitive skins.


2 tablespoons ground Almonds – 3 tablespoons fine Oatmeal – 3-5 teaspoons powdered dried Rose petals -3-5 teaspoons dried Orange peel – 3-5 teaspoons Lavender Flowers – 3-5 teaspoons finely grated Cocoa butter – 1-3 teaspoons Almond oil.

How To Make

Put your ground Almonds and Oatmeal into a mixing bowl. Run the dried flowers and peel through a coffee grinder, or use a pestle and mortar to powder.

Add the powder to the bowl.

Grate chunks of Cocoa butter into a bowl.

Stir to mix up the potion.

Add the chopped plant fat and Almond oil.

Mix and rub together until you have a stiff paste. Squish the mixture firmly into a nice glass jar. That’s it.

How To Use: firstly splash some warm water on your Face, then take a walnut-sized lump of the gorgeously scented mixture, and squish in your moist hands for a second, just to make it spread, then gently massage onto your face and rinse off when done. Your face will be glowing and as soft as a Rose Petal.

Ref: The Holistic Beauty Book: Star Khechara

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