Sunshine Face Butter – Cleanser

Shelf – life 6 months

Skin Types: Great for dry and sensitive Skins

This creamy cleanser uses soothing marigold calendula officinalis , which is a bright daisy-like orange flower used medicinally for troubled and sensitive skins.

The calendula oil is a macerated oil (where by a medicinal plant is steeped in a plant oil for up to a month to extract the herbal properties).

Macerated oils can be easily made at home or bought from an aromatherapy supplier.

!00ml Calendula oil
65gm Cocoa butter roughly chopped
20 drops Sweet Orange oil
20 drops mandarin essential oil

How To Make
In the bain-marie, melt together 100ml calendula oil and 65gm cocoa butter.
Once melted, turn off the heat and carefully remove the bowl.
Continuously stir the blend until it start thickening and cooling; whip with the mini-whisk until thick and creamy
Add 20 drops of each essential oil.
Decant your creamy cleansing balm to a glass jar and label

NB. You can easily adjust this mixture to the consistency you desire: if you want it to be thicker, re-melt with extra cocoa butter; if you desire a runnier lotion, re-melt with more oil.

How to Use
Massage a generous amount onto face, and then, using a square of muslin or flannel and hot water, gently remove the balm. Your face will be beautifully clean smelling gorgeous too.

Reference: The Holistic Beauty Book: Star Khechara