Kitchen Cosmetics-Recipes

Why DIY Beautify?
Some of the benefits of making your own Skin care products.

You Know exactly what you put in it.
You can tailor-make it for your own skin needs
You can make it smell the way you like
You can create a product with your exact ethical specifications
( e.g. vegan, Organic, Fair-trade etc.)
Your potion is freshly made
You can avoid ingredients that your allergic to.
You can choose eco-friendly packaging and avoid plastic
You can make really gorgeous gifts that will impress your friends!

The main point to keep in mind, when making your own beauty products, is that the skin is part of the whole body and is actually our largest organ.

You can only ‘truly ‘ feed the skin from within (by eating, drinking and breathing) and not through the use of external lotions. Treat your skin with the same respect as you’d treat your liver (also a large organ’)

After all, if you wouldn’t rub methyl paraben on your liver or eat it, perhaps it would be prudent not to apply it to the skin also.

Fairy face Scrub- exfoliating Cleanser

Sunshine face Butter- Creamy Cleanser

Reference: Holistic beauty Book: Star khechara