Kitchen Cosmetics – Recipes

Chemical Free-Hand Made-Holistic Potions

Why DIY Beauty?

Do You have Sensitive Skin and need very pure Beauty Products?

Do You Want to use Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Cosmetics?

What is Natural?

Vegetable Ingredients: Plant based items such as Cocoa butter,almond oil,herbs, flowers, essential oils, nuts and seeds.

Animal Ingredients: things like lanolin, beeswax,milk,honey and animal fats.

Mineral Ingredients: things like various Clays and muds and possibly certain pigments.

Some Of the Benefits of Making your own Skincare Products are:

You know exactly what you’ve put in your product.

You can tailor-make your product for your own skin needs.

You can choose your own Fragrance.

You can create a product with your exact ethical specifications (e.g.Vegan,Organic, Fair Trade etc.)

Your Potion is Freshly made.

You can avoid ingredients that you are allergic to.

You can choose Eco-Friendly Packaging.

You can make really Gorgeous Gifts that will impress your Family and Friends.

The Recipes: There Are:

Facials to Beautify – Bath Treats for Pampering – Love Potions for Romance – Body Butters for Bliss – Babycare Potions for Eco-kids.

Let us grasp the whisk of Dermal Destiny and step into a World of Scented decadence, where Rose Petals fall from the Sky into a Sea of Vanilla Pod-infused melted Cocoa butter.

Recipe Pages:

Facial Cleaners: Fairy Face Scrub

Reference: The Holistic Beauty Book: Star Khechara

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