Angelica Body Moisture – 120gms

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Angelica Body Moisture – 120gms
This item: Angelica Body Moisture - 120gms

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£ 15.50
£ 15.50
Angelica Body Moisture – 120gms
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We decorate our breasts with pretty lace bras, show them off in revealing clothes, feed our babies from them and allow our men folk to fondle them. And yet, even though it could save our life, how many of us examine our breasts for lumps? Not enough of us, that’s for sure. We probably spend more than the five minutes a month needed for examination worrying that our breasts aren’t big enough, or small enough, or……..

On the subject of breast cancer I would say just one thing. Consider giving up commercial deodorants because they contain aluminum salts which stop perspiration and yet aluminum is a poison which could be absorbed into the skin.

Stopping this natural method of excreting toxic substances – which is what perspiration does – is as silly as putting a stop on the other natural methods of excretion. It is bound to lead to trouble. (Those who know about the dangers of aluminum have for many years stopped cooking in aluminum pots.)The pores under your arms need to breathe and so try to avoid deodorants as much as possible, and use a natural product available from health food stores when you really feel the need – when going to a social gathering or whatever.

If you already have breast cancer and radical surgery is proposed, us the soothing massage oil before surgery and the toner massage oil after.

Aqua-Vegetable Glycerin-Shea Butter-Vitamin E-Carrier Oils: Rose Hip-White poppy Seed-
Evening Primrose-Sesame:
Preservatives: Preservative 12.

Essential Oils:
Angelica-Tea Tree-Lemongrass-Parsley Seed-Carrot-Chamomile Roman-Geranium-Lavender Spica.

Hydrosols: Frankincense & Chamomile Roman.

Character Profile: Chamomile Roman: Harmonizing, Peaceful, Soothing, Spiritual:

Frankincense: Elevating, Meditative, Wisdom. Geranium: Healing, Comforting, Cushioning

Properties of Angelica Archangelica: Antispasmodic-Carminative-Aphrodisiac-Carminative-Diuretic-Emmenagogue-Expectorant-Hepatic-Stomachic-Stimulant-Sudorific-Tonic.

How To Use: After bath, shower or sitz bath, apply Angelica Body Moisture to the whole body. One application per day is fine.

Symptoms: pre & post irridation therapy. After chemo therapy, there are generally severe symptoms of discomfort, nauseau, vomiting, extreme tiredness, odema, itching of the body, legarthy, and pain, there are numerous symptoms for varied individuals. Angelica Archangelica, is said to be an anti-inflammatory which can be beneficial to various skin problems.

Touch & Feel: Non greasy, easily absorbed into the skin leaving a soft floral fragrance.

After Chemotherapy: Vomiting: Use herbal teas: mint-peppermint-Coriander & Dill. Add Honey for additional sweetner, in the case of dry throats and cought’s honey will help to moisten the inner organs. ( if you have shown any signs of allergies to honey in the past, then omit the use of honey, and drink the teas without sweetner. Coriander and Mint teas, support the digestive system, by calming and re-balancing the Stomach Chi. The bitter and phlegmy taste often felt after vomiting, is quickly dispersed with the above mentioned teas.

If you do find a lump in your breast, do not jump to conclusions. Over two hundred thousand women in Britain each year go to their doctors worried out of their minds and nine in ten will be worrying unnecessarily.

The majority of women who go to their doctors about a pain in the breast have a cyclical-related problem to do to do with the hormone prolactin. Obviously, you must see a doctor if you have a lump or pain. However, essential oils help all manner of breast problems. They also prevent stretch marks – a common problem due to the fluctuation of breast fatty tissue with dieting.

So, you’ve done your monthly check and you’re fine. Right, now we can firm and tone. Exercises is a must – grip your hands or wrists and exercise the pectorial muscles by pushing the arms together so they come up against the invisible force created by your arm pushing in the opposite direction. Then massage over the whole of the breast area in circular movements, once a day:

Packaging: Blue PET Plastic Jar,120gms, with Aluminium Screw Lid-Wadded Lid with Insert-Shrink band packed

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