Angelica-Essential Oil-(angelica Dahurica)2.5mls

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Angelica-Essential Oil-(angelica Dahurica)2.5mls
This item: Angelica-Essential Oil-(angelica Dahurica)2.5mls

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Angelica Root Essential Oil

Balancing, restoring and strengthening. Angelica was arguably the most popular herb of the Middle Ages because it was believed to be a panacea for almost every ailment, as well as being the finest cleansing agent. Its healing powers were so great it was referred to as ‘Angels Herb’ or the ‘Root of the Holy Spirit’ in medieval times. Angelica Root Essential Oil is distilled from the dried roots of this herb and has a woody and herbaceous aroma with peppery top notes.

This essential oil gives a boost to both the nervous and immune systems, plus it delivers a strengthening action to the glandular system which together helps to restore vitality and stamina after illness. Angelica Root Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy massage to maintain flexible mobile joints, and to help with problem skin conditions, painful periods, stress, and burnout.

Aromatherapists often use Angelica Root Essential Oil in detoxification treatments to encourage the movement of lymph and help release an accumulation of toxins, especially with conditions like gout and oedema. It is a tonic for the digestive system, and in skin care treatments angelica has a toning and rejuvenating action that helps dull, dry complexions. Avoid exposure to UV light after using this oil since it is phototoxic.

Botanical Name:Angelica archangelica

Country of Origin:France

Extracted From:RhizomesExtraction Method:Steam distillation

Principal Constituents:a-Pinene, a & b-Phellandrene, d-3-Carene, Sabinene, Limonene, Myrcene, trans-b-Ocimene, p-Cymene, cis-b-Ocimene, Terpinolene.

Caution: Keep away from Children and Pets.

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