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Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth in 2019 – Reviews

The health benefits of castor oil are prevalent since time immemorial. But, what about the Jamaican black castor oil and how does it differ from the regular castor oil? Let us explore here the best Jamaican black castor oil and how it can use for hair growth.

Before getting into Jamaican castor oil, let’s get the basics clear. There are two types of castor oils, the yellow and the black. We are familiar with the yellow castor oil, which extracted by applying cold press method. However, Jamaican black castor oil is the only type obtained by an entirely different process.

It uses the traditional method by roasting the seeds first and then pounded into mulch. After that water added in required quantity followed by slow boiling the mashed beans in a wooden fire and stirred continuously. The precipitated oil on the surface is skimmed off. It refined further to get a thick, pungent smelling and pure dark Jamaican castor oil.

What We Like

Processed by cold press extraction method for preserving natural properties.
It absorbs quickly into the hair as it is not thicker like other processed castor oil.
No hard or irritating smell
Good to use as a laxative
Oil extracted from naturally grown castor beans.
Roasted seed to get the ash black color, no artificial coloring agents used.
Helps in growing eyelashes and nail in a healthy way

What We Didn’t Like

Strong pungent smell

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