Candle – Round – Vanilla Soft – 160Gms

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Candle – Round – Vanilla Soft – 160Gms
This item: Candle - Round - Vanilla Soft - 160Gms

4 in stock

£ 5.40
£ 5.40


Candle – Round – Vanilla Soft – 160Gms – Smokeless – Long Burning

Vanilla Description. Rich and creamy, with soft notes of coconut, chocolate and sugar. Prized for its calming, sensuous fragrance,  which can act as aphrodisiacs, stress relievers and mood boosters.

Ingredients: Blended wax – good burning characteristics and scent throw. INCI: Paraffin wax ( Paraffin wax):INCI Name: (Elaeis guineensis oil – Bio palm oil: Keratin wax)INCI :Bipol- X Wax ( EAN: 5309681743592)

Colour: White:  

Fragrance: Parfum : Vanilla Soft: 

Bag of 1 – Box

Burn Time: 8 hours

Category: Candles: Round

ISBN: SROCSVS:04122022

Batch Number: Vanilla Soft :SROCRVS122021

Packaging: Boxed Candle Back Packaging – Candle Caution Safety Note

Caution: keep away from Children and Pets

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