Che Qian Zi-100gms(Semen Plantaginis)

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Channels:KI, BL, LIV, LU

Properties:Sweet, Cold

Latin:Semen Plantaginis

Chinese:车前子Tone Marks:chē qián zĭ

Alt Names:Che Qian Ren

Translation:Before the Cart Seeds, Seed in Front of the Cart
Chinese Herb Actions

Resolves Dampness, Clears Heat, and Promotes Urination
For painful, difficult, or hot urinary dysfunction (Re Ling) and edema caused by Damp-Heat with symptoms such as burning, pain, urgency on urination, dribbling, or a lack of ability to urinate.

Promotes Urination and Stops Diarrhea
For diarrhea caused by Dampness in the intestines. Che Qian Zi moves water to the Bladder and promotes urination to solidify the stool.

Brightens the Eyes
For eye problems due to heat in the Liver channel or headaches associated with ascending Liver Yang. Symptoms include redness, pain, or swelling of the eyes.
Dissolves Phlegm, Clears the Lungs, and Stops Cough
For cough due to heat in the Lungs with symptoms such as thick, copious, and yellow sputum.

Chinese Herb Contraindications & Cautions

Do not use during pregnancy.
Use caution in cases deficient Yang Qi or exhaustion.

Herb-Drug Interactions

Che Qian Zi promotes urination and may interfere with Diuretic drugs.

Chinese Herb Dosage

5-10 grams

Chinese Herb Notes

Frying this herb with salt increases it’s tonifying effects on the Liver an Kidneys.
Che Qian Zi may float, stick to the sides of the cooking pot, or be difficult to strain. It is therefore usually decocted in a small bag or cheesecloth.

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