Ecosilk-100mls-Liquid-Emoillent-Skin Conditioning-Cosmetic Ingredient

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It is a colourless and odourless vegetable based emollient that is 100% of natural origin and 100% biodegradable. It is made from sugar beet and coconut which are natural, renewable sources.
Emollients soften the skin and are often considered the same as a moisturisers although the two functions are different.

It improves the spreadability of oils and dramatically improves the textures of creams and butters that have been made with high amounts of vegetable oils, butters and waxes by making them feel lighter and more elegant to the touch. This is very useful when adding high amounts of sticky materials like Vitamin E and also in baby products like nappy balms.

Inci:Isoamyl Laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate

Skin Care
It has a degreasing effect for the stickiest of vegetable oils like Castor Oil. This means that the wonderful benefits of Castor Oil can be used with the product feeling unpleasant.
Use in massage oil blends and eye makeup cleansers and makeup removers.
It gives a very elegant feel much better than the synthetic silicones do.
Use in formulations that are very heavy such as vitamin enriched night creams and butters so that they feel lighter on the skin.

The sunscreens used to give Sun Protection Factor (SPF) can be difficult to work with as they make a cream feel heavy and pasty. EcoSilk is very effective at dispersing powders such as Titanium Dioxide and makes the finished cream spread across the skin better, feeling light and comfortable.

It also reduces the whitening or ghosting effect such creams can have, meaning you can formulate higher SPF’s. Day Creams with high SPF will feel light and sheer.
It is an extremely effective waterproof makeup remover that does not irritate the eyes.
It can easily transform water in oil (W/O) emulsions into light emulsions that can almost not be distinguished from an oil in water (O/W) emulsion.

Excellent dispersing agent for colour pigments in colour cosmetics.

Good to use in deodorants. Often, a heavy oil like Castor Oil is used sparingly so that it does not sink into the skin when applying a deodorant. EcoSilk will make this feel so much more silky rather than sticky.

EcoSilk helps to mix difficult ingredients and helps to reduce oil separation in emulsions, so therefore, we would consider it an help emulsifier.
It can also help to clarify bath oils.

Hair Care
It has a great hair conditioning effect, just as effective as the synthetic silicones.
In hair products, it leaves hair silky and smooth and makes extremely good hair serums. Although stated as heat stable up to 66°C we have been using it extensively and it appears to tolerate heat styling products well.

Use 1% to 100%.
Soluble in oil and ethanol.
Not suitable for use in water only products like toners.
Use in Face and Body Oils, Massage Oils and Gels that contain some oil.
Heat stable up to 66°C so we recommend using it in Stage 3 when making creams, lotions and body butters.
Use at 1% to 10% in creams and lotions.
Use up to 50% when combined with oil to make dispersible bath oil blends.

Suggested Blends
Combine with equal parts Argan Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil for a conditioning hair dressing to scrunch through dry hair. This gives condition and shine.
Add 6% to any blend of massage oils to make it feel more silky.






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