Frankincense-Essential Oil-10mls(Boswellia carterii)

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The Benefits of Frankincense
So besides its aroma, what makes frankincense so alluring?
Studies are quite limited in scope, but holistic experts claim quite a few health benefits on the testimony of its long history.
Put simply, frankincense* seems to have powerful properties that:
support healthy cellular function
increase blood flow and circulation
reduce inflammation
reduce skin discoloration and imperfections
promote feelings of wellness and relaxation
promote oral health (the resin can even be chewed)
balance hormones
improve memory

In some studies, have been shown to suppress proliferation of cancer cells (1)Frankincense
Cautions :Of course, I can’t write a post on essential oils without a reminder that they should be applied with care and caution.

Caution Notes

Always dilute in a carrier oil and only apply topically. It is also extremely important to avoid the use of frankincense if you are pregnant or nursing (without consulting a practitioner first), and do not diffuse around babies,small children, and pets.

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