Frankincense Quencher face Toner – 150mls

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Frankincense Quencher face Toner – 150mls
This item: Frankincense Quencher face Toner - 150mls

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£ 6.60
£ 6.60
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Frankincense Quencher Face toner  for mature skin  is used in the evenings. Frankincense is used in meditation and will help you to relax before sleeping. I’ve included carrot seed oil, as it is one of the best essential oils for rejuvenating skin. It has a slightly earthy aroma. Paraben and MI free.

Ingredients: Aqua, Xantham gum, Vegetable glycerin( Glycerin Uycerin)Frankincense hydrosol, Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia Carteri), Carrot seed essential oil (Dacus Carota),  (Eco Preservative.

Skin Type: Mature Skin – Vegans and Vegetarians:

How an When to tone: 

Toners are used to remove any remaining cleanser and wipe away excess sebum. They close the pores which helps to reduce the chance of bacteria entering the skin. Toners are usualling cooling and refreshing.

Apply your toner to a pad of cotton-wool and wipe it across your face in long, sweeping movements: again, wipe across and up rather than across and down, doing what you can to put off the inevitable skin sag.

Pay careful attention to the crevices either side of your nose, but be careful not to get too close to the eye area. Ensure you pay attention to your hairline, the edges of your face and under your chin as these area can often be left with traces of cleanser. Your moisturiser will absorb much easier and faster after an application of toner.

Toning your face in this way should take you less than one minute and should be carried out each time  you cleanse your face. Toning can also be a refreshing, cooling treatment that can be undertaken on a hot, sticky day without having to cleanse beforehand.

Caution: External use only keep away from children and Pets.

Packaging: PET Clear tube with Flip cap:

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