Jasmin Flower Hair Oil-250mls

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Jasmin Flower Hair Oil-250mls
This item: Jasmin Flower Hair Oil-250mls

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Jasmine Flower Hair Oil
Formulated with a synergy of essential and vegetable carrier oils to add lustre and volume to your hair.
⦁ Promotes and stimulates natural hair growth
⦁ Stabilizes breaking hair
How to Use:
Squeeze a small amount of Jasmine Flower Hair oil, in the palm of your hand, rub gently into the front, sides and base of the scalp. Separate your hair into sections, add a little more Jasmine hair oil to each section of the hair. Brushing sections: Brushing each section of the hair, aids in the removal of knots, broken strands and debri.
Jasmin Flower Hair Oil
When taking a shower-bath, or visiting the sauna or Turkish steam room, wear a plastic hair cap to provide additional conditioning.
After brushing hair will feel soft and manageable.
Hair Types:
Afro-Curly-Brittle-Breaking-Dull-Bleached hair.
Contents: Cocus nucifera (Refined Coconut Oil) oil-Neem –Black Castor oil-Rosemary-Tea Tree—Palma Rosa-Cypress-Hisbicus-Ginger-Carrot-Jasmin oil.
Benefits of Formulation:
Coconut Refined-Shine-Moisture-Conditioning-scalp treatment.
Neem-Soothes the scalp-Dandruff-Itchiness-Boosts hair growth.
Rosemary-For Dark hair,
Tea Tree-Antiseptic-Antibacterial
Argan –Volume and Shine
Palma Rosa-Falling Hair
Cypress-Stimulates hair growth
Hibiscus-Shine-Promotes circulation –Dandruff
Ginger-Stimulates hair growth
Carrot– Beta Carotene-Hair growth
Jasmin –Curly-Frizzy-kinky-Dry Scalp
Psychological Effects
1. Stimulates Brain Function
2. Soothes nervous Tension
3. Reduces Anxiety
60 Mls
Plastic PET bottles – Dark Green with therapy safety Pump-Black

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