Mandarin Fragrance Oil-10mls

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Mandarin Fragrance Oil-10mls
This item: Mandarin Fragrance Oil-10mls

4 in stock

£ 2.52
£ 2.52
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Pure Mandarin Fragrance Oil, 10ml – Ideal for Aromatherapy, Oil Burner, Diffuser, Home Made Making, Potpourri, Candle, Soap, Cosmetic, Slime, Bath Bomb, air freshener.

FULL RANGE: Fragrance Oil
CRUELTY FREE: Our oils are vegan friendly and there is zero testing on animals.
HIGH QUALITY: Our Fragrance Oils are pure and 100% concentrated. They’re perfect for use in pot pourri, homemade soaps, candles, perfumery, Cosmetics, Bath Bombs, Slime making and both skin & Hair care items.

Due to their strong nature, these oils are not suitable for direct use on the skin and should never be taken internally.
MADE IN THE UK: A Our oils are tested (not on animals) and meet rigorous quality standards.
SAFETY: Our Fragrance Oils are all tested for quality and are IFRA compliant.

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