Marigold Blossom Fragrance Oil SKU – 10mls #300

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Marigold Blossom Fragrance Oil SKU – 10mls #300
This item: Marigold Blossom Fragrance Oil SKU - 10mls #300

4 in stock

£ 3.59
£ 3.59
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Marigold Blossom Fragrance Oil available in 10ml and 30ml Unicorn Bottles.

Use Fragrance Oil in a range of oil burners or electric mist diffusers and various crafting uses.  Picture is an illustrative stock photo, product is supplied in a non-branded 10ml or 30ml unicorn dropper bottle.

Pungent floral, good as an insect deterrent.  It has a good throw and a long-lasting fragrance that is very pleasant.  This oil is sourced in the USA and should not be diluted.  A current wholesaler SDS is available on request (not CLP).

Buyers should exercise care in handling these products, avoid contact with the skin by wearing appropriate PPE during use, and avoid contact with the eyes. In the event of accidental spillage on sensitive areas, wash immediately with clean water.

As with all fragrance oils, if you are looking for a specific scent be advised to purchase a small 10ml bottle to sample first.  Everyone has a different sense of smell and therefore it is open to interpretation, check feedback for other buyer experiences before making a purchase.

Packaging: 10ml bottle.

Caution : Keep away from children and pets: External use only.

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