Myrrh Fragrance Oil 10 mls

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Myrrh Fragrance Oil 10 mls
This item: Myrrh Fragrance Oil 10 mls

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1 × Violets Fragrance oil-10mls

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Fragrance Oils 10ml
Sanctum Raphael fragrance oils are a high quality product with many beautiful scents to choose from, filling your home with gorgeous aromas. Each 10 ml Fragrance Oils last much longer than you cheaper oils because they are diluted with another oil made from dipropylene glycol (DPG).
Simply place a few drops of oil into your oil burner / diffuser / ring lamps, add a little water and light your tea light.

Item description:
10ml glass bottles
Handmade in the UK

Suitable for use in oil burners, refreshing potpourri & ring lamps, soaps, bath bombs
Ancient Wisdom fragrance oils are very high quality and are concentrated guarantying an amazing aroma in your house!

Can be used concentrated for a strong scent or can be diluted to create a light refreshing atmosphere

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