Orange non-water based-10ml-Colour

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Orange non-water based-10ml-Colour
This item: Orange non-water based-10ml-Colour
£ 3.96
£ 3.96
Orange non-water based-10ml-Colour
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Artificial colour and propylene glycol.
The non water based colours are the best choice for Fizzy Bath Bombs because they do not contain any water, only Propylene Glycol and the Artificial Colour.

The non water based colours are not light sensitive and do not discolour your sink or bath. Use 3-6 drops per 100ml. Add the drops to your blend and stir.
Note: The non water based colours are water soluble and not oil soluble

Can easily keep without fading for 7 years in an airtight container; just don’t store them in direct sunlight, best stored in a dry and dark place.

INCI:Propylene Glycol, CI 15985

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