Pot Pourri-Winter-80gms

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Hand Made-Cottage Industry-Pot Pourris

Being a house wife is a major occupational hazard. Apart from the fact that most accidents happen in the home, housewives are particularly prone to the tranquilliser syndrome which is a major hazard ib itself.This is a complex subject involving assumptions made by the medical profession as well as stress.

It is interesting for example, that women are twice as likely to be diagnosed as depressed. The sheer repetition and infinite nature of housework – immortalised in the expression ‘a woman’s work is never done – is in deed wearing, and all thosed who have experienced child care will agree that it is un-doubtably the hardest work they have ever done.

Appropriate oils for use in the home can be found under our ‘Essential Oils’ category. There are essential oils for accidents in the home’ Basic Care Kit’ oils that make the household tasks althogether more pleasant in ‘Fragrant Care For Your Home’ ways of making meal times a more interesting experience in ‘Cooking with Essential Oils’.

Ingredients: Mixed Herbs, Essential Oils


Packaging: Cellophane Bag
Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy: V.A.Worwood


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