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Readigloves Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves 9501/9502/9503 offer protection against viral penetration and contamination biological organisms in a medical setting. These Cyraguard Essentials Gloves provide the wearer with excellent stretch and and grip as well as superior sensitivity and dexterity due to the thin but strong materials and close fitting anatomical shape. These features make the Essentials Gloves ideal for delicate procedures where high dexterity is needed to complete tactile tasks. The product code for the gloves is either 9501, 9502 or 9503, depending on the selected size.

They are supplied in a box containing 100 gloves. APPLICATIONS OF THE READIGLOVES CYRAGUARD ESSENTIALS LATEX GLOVES 9501/9502/9503 As a Class l Medical Device for medical examinations, Premium gloves are ideally suited to many clinical tasks in hospitals, clinics and community care. It also conforms to the PPE Directive for minimal risk tasks. These disposable Cyraguard Premium Latex Gloves are suitable for a range of tasks in the medical and healthcare industries. An example of some suitable applications are listed below.

Medical examination Clinical procedures Medical general purpose Routine patient care Care for the elderly Professional care in the home General tasks Food preparation FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF THE READIGLOVES CYRAGUARD ESSENTIALS LATEX GLOVES 9501/9502/9503 Manufactured to stringent quality levels in a state of the art manufacturing plant that employs regular production quality checks, ensuring the glove performs as it promises.

This ensures the gloves are of the highest quality, offering protection to the wearer for the task at hand. In comparison with the Cyraguard Premium Gloves, the Essentials Gloves use a slightly thinner gauge latex making them ideal for highly delicate tasks. The gloves still provide the optimal biological barrier protection, preventing viral penetration when it matters.

Despite this heavier gauge, Premium still conforms beautifully to the hand and stretches to provide an exceptionally close fit. Even small and delicate objects can be easily felt and distinguished through the glove wall, for superior sensitivity.

A GLANCE Safe Regular gauge High grip micro textured surface High sensitivity High tactility Dexterous Close fit Less leachable proteins MATERIALS The Readigloves Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves 9501/9502/9503 are made of natural rubber latex and have been specially treated to have a lower protein content making them less likely to irritate some wearer’s skin.

These gloves do not contain styrene and are also powder free. Latex gloves are slightly more prone to punctures than the nitrile range but are less likely to rip when donning, whereas the nitrile gloves are more prone to ripping upon donning. DESIGN These gloves are designed with the user in mind and are created to be used in a variety of general use and hospital settings.

These gloves are designed to be easy donning and tactile. The gloves are sold in boxes of 100 and are ambidextrous. The fingers of each glove have a textured surface to increase dexterity, grip and touch sensitivity making them ideal when handling medical instruments. Each glove has a beaded cuff which helps the donning of the gloves and makes them more resistant to rips and tears.

The gloves are designed to help with infection prevention, ideal for a clinical setting. SHELF LIFE The Cyraguard Latex Essentials Gloves should be stored in their box and away from direct sunlight. The gloves should last up to 3 years in their box. Each glove is designed to be a single use, disposable item. (Non sterile class 1 Medical Device) DURABILITY These Cyraguard Gloves offer excellent protection and durability.


Size Median Length Median Width (Across Palm)

Small ≤240mm 80mm ± 10mm Medium ≤240mm 95mm ± 10mm

Large ≤240mm 110mm ± 10mm

Colour: White

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Principal legislation:

Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC Other legislation: PPE Directive 89/686/EEC Minimal Risks Product: EN 455-1; EN 455-2; EN 455-3; EN 455-4; EN 374-2 Level 2 Production: ISO 13485; ISO 9001

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