Rosewood-Essential Oil-10mls-(Aniba Rosaeodora)

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Rosewood-Essential Oil-10mls-(Aniba Rosaeodora)
This item: Rosewood-Essential Oil-10mls-(Aniba Rosaeodora)

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Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil
Relieves Depression. This essential oil can take away your depression and leave you smiling within minutes. …
Analgesic Properties. …
Antiseptic. …
Deodorant. …
Aphrodisiac. …
Boosts Memory. …
Insecticidal Properties. …
Acts as Stimulant.

The health benefits of Rosewood essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, cephalic, deodorant, insecticide, and a stimulating substance. It is extracted from the rosewood tree.The rosewood tree, which Brazil is famous for, is a giant evergreen tree bearing the
scientific name: Aniba Rosaeaodora.

Rosewood is highly prized as a decorative wood and millions of hectares of rosewood forests have been cut down for making furniture, showpieces, and even chopsticks.Rosewood essential oil is extracted from the woody matter of the rosewood tree with the help of steam distillation.
Its main components are alpha-terpineol, alpha-pinene, benzaldehyde, cineole, camphene, geranial, geraniol, neral, myrcene, limonene, linalool, and linalool oxide.This wood, which was widely wasted for unimportant applications, could have been used to produce tons of rosewood essential oil and put to better use to keep mankind healthier.

Rosewood Essential Oil has Hints of Orange, Spice and Wood with a slight sweetness. Adds sophistication to blends and youthfulness to skin tone.
Rosewood Essential Oil. Rosewood comes from the tree of the same name which is native to the Brazillian rainforests. Careful harvesting ensures that trees are being replanted and a system of environmental management helps to preserve the rainforest and promote diversity.

Characteristics: Hints of Orange and Spice but very general… slightly sweet scent makes it useful in blends. Rosewood is good when you feel that life is getting on top of you. Rosewood is traditionally used as an ingredient in anti-ageing products as the oil is good for dull, dry and oily skin, stimulating cells and regenerating tissues. This skin cell rejuvenation allows Rosewood Essential Oil to help give rise to a younger looking complexion.

Oils to Blend with Rosewood is very versatile in blending and one of our favourite blends is with Orange where it deepens the scent into a more sophisticated scent. Rosewood Essential Oil blends very well with citrus based oils and wood based oils – often bridging the gap between the two oils – helping to combine them.
Latin NameAniba rosaeaodora Plant
Family: Labiate or Lamiacae
Extraction Method: Rosewood Essential Oil is steam distilled from the bark of the tree
Country of Origin: Brazil
Chemical Constituents: Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool

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