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Sandalwood Chips (red)
Santalum Album
Folk Names: White Sandalwood, Yellow Sandalwood, Sandal, Santal, White Saunders, Saunders, Almug-Yellow Sandalwood
Sandalwood is one of mankind’s first sacred wood incenses. It is a base for most (fine) incenses on the market today, as well as fine perfumes. Regarding creating incenses yourself: Sandalwood chips are a nice addition when small quantities are called for. Sandalwood powder will make an excellent base if oils are to be added to your blend. When used in sachets or mojos, Sandalwood Chips are better used than the powder, as the chips can easily be anointed with oils, and will not seep from the bag – as powder may.

Sandalwood is an all purpose herb, used for all manner of workings – from love to curses, healings to bindings, sacred offerings to banishings. Burned alone, Sandalwood cleanses and blesses a place, creates an atmosphere of love, and establishes sanctity. Sandalwood is an essential part of any cunning cupboard, Rootworker’s arsenal, Healer’s chest, or Reader’s room.
Regarding White versus Red Sandalwood: Only White or Yellow Sandalwood are true Sandalwood (Santalum Album). Red Sandalwood is a different tree altogether Pterocarpus Soyauxii). Red Sandalwood is not created by red dye. If someone claims true Sandalwood to be red, or Red Sandalwood to contain dye, kind viewer: listen no more, and run in the opposite direction.

Sandalwood chips are burned to bring love, cleansing negativity, healing, and purification they have a high spiritual vibration so ideal to burn with frankincense, sandalwood can be scattered around in the area you wish to clear an area of negativity. burned to bring love used in bags and sachets
used as an incense or added with other herbs.
Sandalwood Chips Pagan Wiccan Spell ingredients Protection & Purification Love n.


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