Sea Buckthorn Oil-carrier Oil-30mls-Emoillent(Hippophae Rhamnoides)

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Sea Buckthorn Oil-carrier Oil-30mls-Emoillent(Hippophae Rhamnoides)
This item: Sea Buckthorn Oil-carrier Oil-30mls-Emoillent(Hippophae Rhamnoides)

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£ 6.60
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Sea Buckthorn Oil

This cold-pressed “miracle oil” contains over 20 vitamins and is the richest natural source of vitamin A. It also contains vitamin E, provitamin D, vitamin K1 as well as magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

Sea buckthorn berries, native to Europe and Asia, are incredibly nutritious for the human body, packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals; legend has it the ancient Greeks used its leaves as food for their race horses. Sea buckthorn oil is used in antiaging and medicinal skin care products, as well as in formulations to promote the healing of burns, sores, eczema and other skin conditions.

This oil acts as a natural emolllient, softening and conditioning the skin, helping to moisturise and soothe dry, aging skin. Though not as beneficial when used in hair care, sea buckthorn oil makes a wonderful treatment for a dry, irritated scalp. Sea buckthorn oil has also been shown to not only care for skin, but actively slow down skin maturation, keeping aging and bay and helping to keep skin protected from the elements.
Uses for sea buckthorn oil include (but are not limited to):

Lip Balms
Hair Care Products

Our sea buckthorn oil is cold pressed and refined and contains no chemicals or solvents.

Please note that this is a natural product , and there may be variations in colour and scent from batch to batch. For further information, including best before dates, please check the Certificate of Analysis (CofA) which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘attachments’ tab for this product. Please check all documentation before proceeding with purchase.

Usage rate: 1 – 100%

INCI: Hoppophae Rhamnoides

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