Squalene Pure Extract – 10ml

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Squalene Pure Extract – 10ml
This item: Squalene Pure Extract - 10ml

4 in stock

£ 3.00
£ 3.00
Squalene Pure Extract – 10ml
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Squalene Pure Extract – 10ml
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Squalene Pure Extract – 10ml
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Squalene is naturally derived from Olives and matches the skin’s natural sebum

Squalene is used to impart softness and improve spread ability, being soluble in oil.

Squalene Is often used exclusively in high end serums Skin Benefits of Squalene

1. Matches the natural sebum produced by the body

Because the body products a very similar substance in sebum, Squalene is easily absorbed and readily accepted by the body and skin.

2. Lightweight with effective Hydration

Squalene is very lightweight and does not weight the skin down. The natural composition matching the skins sebum so closely means that is penetrates deep into the skin.

3. Balances Oil Production

A natural oil balancing ingredient, Squalene brings relief to dry skin and calms over production of oil in oily skin.

4. Anti Oxidant and Fights Free Radicals

Squalene fights free radicals in our environment and gives skin antioxidant protection.

5. Anti Inflammatory

Squalene is naturally anti-inflammatory. Cosmetic Use

Squalene can be found in a wide range of cosmetic products

  • Serums, it is so favoured by some serum manufacturers that it is the 100% ingredient
  • Face Wash, Squalene gives softness and suppleness to face washes
  • Body Oils, it transforms the feel of standard oils
  • Body Care, excellent in moisturisers, shower gels and body washes.
  • Shampoo, helps regulate oils and scalp condition.

Inci Name: Squalene (100% Pure Extract)

The extract is extracted from Olive and is 100% Pure

Dosage / Solubility / Mode of incorporation

  • Dose of Use: 1 – 5%
  • Solubility: Soluble in Oils
  • Mode of Incorporation: Easily incorporated into the finished product at 45c or at room temperature for cold processing
Store between 15c and 25c


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