Vanilla-Stabilizer-30ml-Use with Vanilla Fragrance

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Sodium Bisulphate solution is an easy to use Vanilla Stabiliser, which will prevent your vanilla-type fragrance oils from discolouring your finished products. Particularly aimed at melt and pour soaps but can be used in several other products such as bath bombs.

Recommended usage 1:1 ratio with the amount of fragrance used.

Important: This is a aqueous-based product so if adding to bath bombs, care should be taken not to exceed an ideal water content. Suggest using only in larger batches.
any ‘sweet’ fragrances contain vanilla (vanillin) and derivatives that discolour products such as melt-and-pour soaps.
It is impractical and sometimes undesirable to stock non-discolouring versions of all these fragrance types, not only because of duplication but also because reproducing these fragrances without the inclusion of vanilla can be very difficult.

This simple-to-use vanilla stabiliser is a 3% dilution of Sodium Bisulphite in water which should be used 1:1 with the fragrance oil. Initially a strong odour may be apparent, but this will diminish and disappear leaving your fragrance as intended but your soap will remain the colour you choose for many months.

Important…. This product cannot prevent discolouration due to other causes such as exposure to sunlight or oxidisation over time. This product should not be added to fragrances which do not contain vanillin, as it may react with other aldehydes present and alter the fragrance profile.

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