Vybar 3451 Wax-200gms

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Vybar 3451 Wax-200gms
This item: Vybar 3451 Wax-200gms

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Vybar 3451 is a polymer which is used as an opacifier and hardener.

Vybar 3451 is the most popular type of additive for candle making as it is designed to help retain oils to minimize the sweating of oils in your candle.

Vybar is often added to improve the scent throw of candles and wax melts as more oil can be retained, making it the perfect additive for extra strong fragrant candles and melts.

Many people also opt for Vybar because it aids in the mould release process, meaning your wax melts and pillar candles come out smooth and simple.

When you use Vybar you will notice that it will increase the hardness of your candles, which means that you may need a larger wick, trial and error, as always, is the best way to experiment.

How To Use:

We Recommend mixing up to 5% which is around 50g of Vybar to 1 kg of wax.

Vegan and Cruelty Free


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