White Arnica Body Gel – 100 mls-Brusies

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White Arnica Body Gel – 100 mls-Brusies
This item: White Arnica Body Gel - 100 mls-Brusies

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Causes of Bruising

Ruptures or tears of the small blood vessels known as capillaries result in bruising. These ruptures allow blood to escape the circulatory system and enter other tissue. Most of the time, normal bruising heals on its own and is not reason for concern. During the two to four weeks a bruise requires for healing, it undergoes several color changes. Older people are more likely to suffer bruising than younger people, according to the Merck Manual. As humans age, they lose the protective fat layer under the skin. The capillaries become thinner and more fragile. Older adults are also more likely to take medications that thin the blood, including aspirin and warfarin. Some natural supplements help people who suffer easy bruising, according to NYU Langone Medical Center. Continued on back page.

How to Use: White Arnica Bruise Gel

Arnica is also used homeopathically as a treatment for acne, bruises, pain, rashes and boils, according to Drugs.com; however, its efficacy in treatment of these ailments has not been proven, and evidence does not support claims that it functions as an anti-inflammatory or anti-bruising treatment. In addition, arnica has a long history and folklore of being used to treat sore throats, to improve circulation, to treat postoperative thrombophlebitis, to calm muscle pain and to stop dandruff. When applied topically, the only side effects of arnica reported are contact dermatitis, and irritation of mucous membranes.

Contents: White Arnica Bruise Gel
Aqua alcohol Denat-Glycerin Vegetable-Arnica Flower Extract-Triethanolamine=peg-40-Hydrogenated castor oil-Glyceryl npolmethacrylate– Avena sativa– Euphrasia officinalis,-Malva arboreae-Solidago virgaurea-Propylene glycol– Carbomer– Sodium pca-Disodium edita-Alchol denat-Methylparaben-Propylparaben-Magnesium chlorise-Magnesium Nitrate-Methylchloroisothiazolimone.

Causes of Bruising
Research shows citrus bioflavonoids, the substances that give color to many vegetable products, help to reduce the tendency to bruise. According to test-tube studies, people with easily damaged capillaries show less bruising with regular supplementation. Researchers also believe vitamin C helps to maintain collagen, which ensures the capillaries and skin remain elastic. Sometimes bruising is due to a hematoma.
The hematoma forms when blood pools under the skin and forms a rubbery, spongy lump that is less spread out than a normal bruise. Most hematomas should not cause concern and dissolve within a few weeks.

How To Use:
Apply a small amount of Arnica bruise gel to the affected area, and rub gently in circular movements White Arnica gel leaves no – sticky traces on application, and leaves a light uplifting fragrance on the skin .
Caution Notes

Keep Away from Children
External Use Only
Pregnant Mothers consult Your health Practitioner prior to using products containing Arnica

White Arnica Bruise Gel
is available in The following :
Green PET plastic 100 Ml jar with aluminium Sc rew Lid
Volume: 100mls
Closure: Aliminium Screw Lid

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