Black Pepper Fragrance – 10ml

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Black Pepper Fragrance – 10ml
This item: Black Pepper Fragrance - 10ml

4 in stock

£ 3.60
£ 3.60
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£ 3.60
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This fragrance is woody with black pepper, coriander and vetiver.


 Use a few drops in your oil burner or air diffuser, to give your home the best aroma. Add 1-2 drops of the fragrance oil to the lamp ring or lamp bulb. When heated it will fill your room with aroma.

They’re perfect for your DIY projects, use them to refresh your pot pourri, add them to your homemade wax melts, soap, candles, reed diffuser, bath bomb.

Ideal to use as car air fresheners, or to amp up your room decor.

Caution Notes: 

Due to high concentrations DO NOT apply on skin. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes.

Vegan friendly not tested on animals.

Packaging: 10 ml bottles.

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