Carrier-Crambe Seed oil-250mls (Crambe Abyssinica)

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Carrier-Crambe Seed oil-250mls (Crambe Abyssinica)
This item: Carrier-Crambe Seed oil-250mls (Crambe Abyssinica)

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Crambe oil facts and uses

Crambe oil facts and uses Quick Facts

Name: Crambe oil facts and uses

Scientific Name: Crambe Abyssinica

Origin: Native to Mediterranean region, Eastern Africa particularly Abyssinia which is known as Ethiopia today. It was introduced in 1940s to United States and is also grown in Northern Central States of North Dakota.

Colour: Light golden to yellow

Health benefits: Softens hair, Treat acne, Easily penetrable, Prevent dehydration It is the seed oil which is extracted from Crambe abyssinica seeds and is inedible. This annual plant is native to Mediterranean.

The oil colour ranges from light golden to yellow in colour. It consists of about 55 to 60% of erucic acid. It includes amines, erucamides, erycyl alcohol, behenic acid, wax esters, behenyl alcohol, perlargonic acid, fatty acids and brassylic acids. It is used for the production of industrial consumer items such as heat transfer fluids, lubricants, coatings, surfactants, plastics, polyesters, nylons and cosmetics. It has silky and light texture and is a natural lubricant.

It is used to soften skin and due to its natural slip it does not feel greasy. It penetrates deep layers of skin and nourishes the skin that prevents it from being dehydrated. This oil has high content of Linolenic and Linoleic acid that assist in regeneration of hair and skin.

Health benefits of Crambe oil

It makes the Hair soft
It is used in hair care products
It is easily penetrable and prevents dehydration
It prevents overproduction of sebum and acne
It could be used in lotions, massage oils, serums, conditioners and balms

Crambe oil facts
Crambe seeds are cold pressed to derive the oil which could be converted into energy and industrial uses. This oil is an excellent source of long chain fatty acids and erucic acid which could be used as a slip agent for plastics and a constituent for heat sensitive dyes.

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