Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls

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Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls
This item: Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls

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£ 7.00
£ 7.00
Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls
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Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls
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Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls
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Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls
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Cumin Essential Oil (Cuminum cyminum)10mls
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Extracted from the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum, Cumin oil is a powerful essential oil that can be used for bodily health and for cooking. Just as ground cumin is most commonly known for its prominent place on the kitchen spice rack, Cumin oil is equally as notable for its culinary contribution. This essential oil can bring a zest to any savory meal and can transform a bland dish into a spicy and flavorful cuisine. In addition to its cooking uses, it can also be used aromatically in a diffuser. The aroma of Cumin essential oil is warm, spicy, and nutty. When taken internally with food, water, or in a veggie capsule, Cumin oil can provide digestive aid to the body.* The cuminaldehyde in Cumin has a warming effect on skin and can be felt when applied topically.

Cumin Oil Uses and Benefits

Cumin essential oil is a popular spice that can be used to enhance culinary dishes from around the world. For a spicy cumin flavoring, add one to three drops of Cumin essential oil to stews, soups, and curies. Cumin oil also provides an easy and convenient replacement for ground cumin. Next time you have a recipe that requires ground cumin, substitute it with Cumin essential oil.

If you are in need of quick digestive relief, take Cumin oil internally to assist with digestive health.* Cumin oil is a great essential oil for supporting digestive health, and it can help relieve occasional digestive discomfort.* When stomach troubles arise, add one drop of Cumin oil to four ounces of water and drink, or add a drop of Cumin oil to a veggie capsule and ingest with liquid.*

If you’re looking for a simple way to cleanse your body internally, Cumin oil provides a quality option.* Cumin oil has the ability to purify the body’s systems, and it is ideal for internal cleansing.* When taking advantage of Cumin oil’s purifying properties, make sure to dilute it in fluid or take it in a veggie capsule.

On cold or rainy days, dilute Cumin essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply it to the desired areas of your skin. Cumin oil will provide a warming sensation that will help you feel warm and cozy even when the weather is cold and dreary.
Before you leave your house for a night out, quickly freshen up with a Cumin essential oil mouth rinse. Simply add one to two drops of Cumin oil to four ounces of water and gargle. This effective mouth rinse will leave your breath feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Fun Fact
Cumin was used anciently, with use of the seeds dating back to 2000 B.C.

Plant Description
The cumin plant, Cuminum cyminum, is a member of the Apiaceae family. This annual herb is small and slender. Its leaves are separated into multiple thread-like sections and are up to five centimeters in length. The small, white or pink flowers of the plant are born in umbels with thread-like bracts. The plant also grows fruit that is grayish green to dark gray in color and around 4 to 8 millimeters in length.

Chemistry of Cumin Oil
Main Chemical Components: Cuminaldehyde (Cuminal), ß-pinene, para-cymene, (Gamma)-terpinene

A main chemical component of Cumin is cuminaldehyde (cuminal). Cuminaldehyde has a monoterpene backbone with an aldehydes functional group. Cuminaldehyde contains warming properties that contribute to the overall warming effect of Cumin oil. For more information about the chemicals found in essential oils, visit the
Oils that Blend Well with Cumin oil
Cumin essential oil blends well with Cilantro and Coriander essential oils for diffusion.

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.


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