Juniper Berry-Juniperus communis-5mls

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Juniper Berry-Juniperus communis-5mls
This item: Juniper Berry-Juniperus communis-5mls

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Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Purifying, stimulating and toning. Steam distilled from the fruits of the tree, Juniper Berry Essential Oil has an unsurpassed cleansing and purifying action that works on the urinary, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. Its powerful tonic action promotes increased circulation, thereby encouraging the elimination of toxins.

In massage treatments Juniper Berry Essential Oil eases and soothes aching muscles and joints, and it excels in the battle to reduce cellulite. Make it the heart of a massage blend together with cypress, fennel, grapefruit etc for cellulite treatments.

In skin care treatments it also acts as a tonic for dull, oily and congested skin types.

Juniper Berry Oil has a fresh coniferous aroma, with soft fruity overtones and a balsamic-woody backnote that make it quite different to other conifer oils. For cases of stress, anxiety and general burn-out, Juniper Berry Essential Oil is an effective pick-me-up that also brings a strengthening and cleansing action that helps to dispel negative emotions such as insecurity, loneliness, sadness and guilt.

Botanical Name:Juniperus communis

Country of Origin:Italy

Extracted From:Berries

Extraction Method:Steam distillationPrincipal

Constituents:a-Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Sabinene

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