Sanctum Man-shaving Oil 100mls

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Crambe Seed Oil – is a very stable oil that is a great lubricant and emollient with a very nice natural silicone feel to it.
Marshmallow Root Oil – is a macerated oil whereby the fresh roots are macerated in high oleic sunflower oil. It is very soothing to irritated or damaged skin.
Mullein Flower Oil – is a macerated oil whereby the mullein flowers are macerated in high oleic sunflower oil. The mullein flowers are astringent and soothing and the oil leaves an elegant coating on the skin that is very soothing. It contains natural tannins so is good for all skin lifting products.
Meadowfoam Seed Oil – It imparts a nice sheen to the skin and helps slow down moisture loss. It has an elegant feel to it and is not sticky at all.
Vitamin E – is a classic antioxidant,and good for healing.
Bisabolol – comes from the German Chamomile and is anti inflammatory. Gives shine to the skin or hair.
Rose Geranium Essential Oil – is sweeter and more rosy than the regular geranium and is very good for balancing skin types.
Spearmint Essential OIl – beautifully sweet and fresh, and excellent for acne-congested skin. It also soothes irritations and rashes.
How To Use:
Apply sparingly to dry skin and then shave. Rinse the razor frequently with hot water. Can be used on men’s faces, ladies legs or anyone’s underarms.
Black glass bottle with pump.

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