Bath Bomb-Cleopatra-130gms

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Bath Bomb-Cleopatra-130gms
This item: Bath Bomb-Cleopatra-130gms

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Cleopatra Fragrance Bath Bombs-130gms

Cleopatra Fragrance Bath Bombs
An enticing fragrance, used to arouse the libido.
How To Use: Prepare your bath water to appropriate temperature, drop the bath bomb, it will begin to fizz like champagne bubbles, immerse yourself relax and wish.
Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, corn flour, fragrance, aqua.
Sizes: Large 125-130gms-Medium63-70gms-Small 22-30gms
Prices:127-130 gms = 4.50:
22-30gms=2 pieces =2.00
Gift packaging, available
Packaging: Soft pink tissue Paper, crepe paper, natural sisal dyed, label.
Other Fragrances: Rose Geranium-Lavender-Orange Zest


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