Body Liniment – 250mls-Topical Analgesic-pain relief

£ 15.50

Body Liniment –  250mls-Topical Analgesic-pain relief
This item: Body Liniment - 250mls-Topical Analgesic-pain relief
£ 15.50
£ 15.50
Body Liniment –  250mls-Topical Analgesic-pain relief
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Body Liniment: Formulated with a blend of essential oils, in a base carrier to relieve muscle and skeletal pain.

Mustard-Anioxidants-cholesterol Reducing properties.
Almond-skin irritations–Dry skin
Peppermint-Muscular aches and pains.

How to Use:
Place a small amount of body liniment, in the palm of your hand, apply to the affected area, with gentle rubbing motions. Use 2-3 times a day. Body liniment can be applied to all areas of the body, where there is pain, inflammation, muscle, and skeletal discomfort.
Wash hands after application.

Topical use only.

Psychological Effects of body Liniment
Counteract Negative Attributes.
Abuse-stress-Tension-Emotional crisis-Depression-Legarthy-Mental abuse-Stress-Tension-Mental and Emotional –Tiredness-Emotional Blockages-Disorientation-Overwork-Lonliness-Insecurity-Hypersensitivity-Grief-Addiction-Negative Inner Child.

Positive Attributes
Calm-Accepting change-Buffered dreams-Energy-Patience-Idealism-Understanding-Perseverance-Inner strength-Awareness-Positive Inner Child.
Cajaput-Chronic Rheumatism
Black Cumin-Rheumatic conditions
Camphor–Topical Analgesic
Sassfras-Skin Diseases
Birch-Skin Diseases

Topical Analgesics

Rub-in-Reliever-Can Relieve Aching Joints. When it comes to relieving the pain of achy joints, many people reach for a pain-relieving pill like aspirin or ibuprofen. There may be a better way. When the source of pain is close to the surface, applying a cream, gel, patch, or spray that contains a pain reliever right where it hurts can ease pain and help avoid some of the body-wide side effects of oral pain relievers.
Rub-in-Reliever-Can Relieve Aching Joint​s

The advantage of using a topical analgesic is that the medication works locally. Targeting pain more precisely using a medication applied to the skin can help skirt the side effects of oral drugs. This can be a boon for people whose stomachs are sensitive to NSAIDs. (Keep in mind that a small amount of the medicine still enters the bloodstream and ends up in the stomach and elsewhere, so a topical analgesic isn’t a guarantee against NSAID-related stomach irritation.)

Green coloured PET Plastic bottle with child safety pump.

120 Mls
250 Mls


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