Plastic Jar-PET Plastic-Purple-3x250mls-8oz

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Plastic Jar-PET Plastic-Purple-3x250mls-8oz
This item: Plastic Jar-PET Plastic-Purple-3x250mls-8oz

6 in stock

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Product Description:
This is a set of empty PET plastic jars packaged by Red Blue Charley. This set of jars contains screw on lids with foam liners, a white mini jar and a cosmetic recipe. These PET plastic jars are BPA free and ideal for packaging ointments, salves, lotions, creams, bath salts and even spices and seasonings.

PET plastic tends to be impact resistant and can be a good alternative to glass. PET plastic is great for storing small items in the bathroom, kitchen and pantry storage and even for organising the office and garage.

These jars are wonderful when used for spice jars, dried herbs, nuts, teas and coffee. You can use these jars for party, wedding and shower favours, arts and crafts and handmade gifts. PET jars come in several sizes and vivid colours. (Please note that PET temperature tolerances range from -40F to 120F and will warp if your liquid is too hot.)
Publisher: Red Blue CharleyDimensions:7.6 x 22.9 x 22.9 centimetres

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